The puppies attack my shoes trying to untie them, thinking the shoe laces snakes, maybe. The adult dogs rush outside and the puppies want to follow, but unshot they cannot. (puppy shots come at 8 weeks) 1 month old their world expands, and trouble lurks. Mini barks and growls and wagging tails, the exuberance of youth encircles me.

1/2 hour later, after drinking some warm cow milk with puppy chow, the 6 are asleep in their plastic kennel on top of a soft dog bed. I let the adult dogs in and mama dog checks on her offspring. The other dogs are leery of the rug rats, but tolerate them. A moment later the adults are outside again as the pups sleep. They look content, blissful, and so unaware of the dangers of this world.

Youth becomes old, dies away and then what? Some say the energy is renewed as we are reborn. Others say we go to heaven, or hell. Who really knows? Thich Nhat Hahn talks about water, tea, clouds, and the circle of life. Youth is infectiously happy, spilling happy out to me, well the puppies anyway. Age can be happy, but for me adulthood lacks that contentment, that blissful sleep of calm.

This morning I heard, as I awoke before my 6:00 alarm, a plane overhead, then sirens followed and I wondered what had happened, but could find no news anywhere. Maybe it was a dream.

The puppies will wake soon, and play their puppy games which teach them how to grow up and be dogs. The world will see another day come and go, and governments will bomb far away places saying we need to to stay safe. Circles will surround us, and will we humans ever know the contentment of these 6 puppies whose great care is finding the wall of milk which feeds them still, and cleans them, loves them as best she can, and they her. When she is old, will they care for her? Doubtful, but possible. Some human, maybe me or another, will tend to her needs. At least that is my hope. For now she is mama wall of milk, and I am the human with snakes for shoelaces.



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