I can’t write today on the word of the day which is Athletic. These random shootings must stop, but what freedoms will we give up to keep people safe? Can we keep people safe in a free and open society? How can we predict. The shooter, no I am NOT going to name them, doesn’t fit the profile of a shooter so I read. What can be done? Here is something I think we need to do. Allow people to be, to disagree, to have bad days and have a place that is safe to be mad, or glad, or sad. Being happy all the time isn’t good. Feeling is good even when it doesn’t feel good. BUT maybe that wasn’t the problem, not with this one anyway. I just don’t know, there seems nothing to do, no way to know.



Athletic people

running like rats in a maze.

Where is safe harbor?



I guess I can write on the word of the day after all.


2 thoughts on “Los Vegas

  1. I think we need to also change how we view people that see psychiatrists as smart and that they are seeking out help for themselves . Instead of hiding the problems because we don’t want anyone to know so they can use it against us. Like a airline pilot who can loose his career if he gets psychological help. I felt soo sad when I heard the news this morning. I’m starting to really hate this idea of anonymous killing. He must of had something wrong if he didn’t know how it would leave his brother in such anguish. It is a sad day.


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