The puppies greet me happily, and so do the adult dogs. I bring them carrots, and dog beds, and such, but carry a heavy heart today. Mama dog licks my face now like a true mama as if to say “it’s okay”, as does the smallest pup, a male with a sweet nature. Sashka, the old one at 11, sits beside me on her new soft bed, laying on her back she wants a belly rub. They know nothing of Las Vegas, happy ignorance. They know I am unhappy though, and in their way comfort me. Isn’t that family, should we humans not emulate this? Course dog packs have their wars of territory . . . . . . . . . . but I don’t believe that dogs go off killing indiscriminately unless they are rabid. So what illness is this that attacks some of our people who then attack innocent people?? Can we know, can we prevent in a free society? It is true that take the big guns away and the mass murders will go away, Australia did that years ago. What did our founders mean by the 2nd amendment? Did they mean it as it is interpreted today by many, as a right of the individual to own a gun, or more than one gun? Or did they worry about the defense of the new country as a whole? Is any of this interesting? Are we too fascinated by violence? What of Rome and the Colosseum? What of ancient times, Aztecs, ancient China, are we safer now then back then?


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