Life is inherently Risky. There are no guarantees, no promises. Life is and with luck, and work it can be great. But that is not the promise. We seem to live in an age that wants to promise us things, high living if you buy this product, fame and fortune if you just buy this product, and you will be happy. But that happiness is fleeting and unreal, at least that is what I think.

Some say that being happy with what you have, focus on the real, the now, that brings happiness and I have to agree. Ah, BUT, I have to think that the person facing a cancer diagnosis, or Parkinson disease, or any other couldn’t be happy, but that is just my mind; I have not faced such things myself.

My puppies, now one day short of being 7 weeks old, have learned to climb the stairs in my house. The stairs are about as tall as they are and going up is easier than down, but they just do it. It is quite amazing to see them, but I don’t think they see it as amazing, they just do it.

To be happy I think that is what we should do more of, the just doing things rather than seeing some things as amazing. There is a story of an older lady who was alone on a Cruise ship. She stayed on the ship from one Cruise to the next and this became apparent to one of the passengers. They asked her about it and she explained that it was cheaper than an old folks home, she got to travel the world, there was a ship’s doctor on call, and she was having the time of her life. I hope it is a true story.

I love to travel, I love trains and I have taken several Amtrak trains across the US. As long as you are not in a hurry this is a great way to see the county. And I get a room, which is much more expensive than just a seat, but I’m usually on the train for 2.5 days or so. With the room come meals, and great service. If I want to get away from people I can retire to my room, and if  want company I can go to the observation car. Were I ever diagnosed with something dreadful, I imagine I’d take a long train trip, relax, eat some great food, see the country, have great conversations with strangers who may become friends, and maybe die happier than some others, who knows.

SOME of my friends are amazed that I would travel alone. It’s Risky for sure, but I have never had a problem. So I encourage any of you reading this, go do something risky, climb some formidable stairs, take a Cruise alone, or a train trip, learn a language, or how to dance, or anything else, push your boundaries, and live.




4 thoughts on “Live a Little

  1. I really like this post – I hope the lady living on a cruise ship is true also! What a great idea (and traveling on Amtrak). Thanks for the uplifting post.


  2. I have heard the story of the woman on the cruise boat. In fact, we were discussing this the other day. We took our first cruise the weekend after the 9/11 attacks. Risky? Yes. But also life-changing. I pray that you never have such a diagnosis but continue to live as if you do! Thank you for sharing this!


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