I do not remember what I expected when I was born. I had a wonderful family. Oh, they were not perfect, we had our fights, our disagreements, but in the end we were very close. The world at large seems strange to me. So much fighting, so many hurt, so many angry at life. Life should be a joy, but modern money chasing that is taught, I think, in schools seems wrong to me. When younger all I wanted was to be able to pay my bills, to have a roof over my head, and work I liked to do as my profession. I have all that, yet I am not happy with it. Adds tell us we are not complete, that we need this, or that, but do we? Do we need so much stuff, or do we think we want it? Meh.


Expect what you can

be open, experience

life can offer much


Moira Levant © 2017


One thought on “Life and Joy

  1. Reading this made me realize I don’t “want” much these days. Haven’t been watching tv much in the last couple years — mostly just watch serials on DVD if I do. I think tv ads affected me more than I realized in the past. Internet ads don’t have the same effect. I like your haiku very much.


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