The sun was high in the sky. The day was clear and warm, and the children collected duck feathers giving them to their aunt. They were a little boy and girl ages 4 and 1.5. Their father was near with his little white dog, and their grandmother his mother, and their aunts mother as well.

They were all at a small lake, a man-made lake, in the middle of the cemetery. Ducks swam there and people came to see the ducks. Peace was in the air, sweet and beautiful. Then there came a loud honk, honk, HONK. Above came 2 Canadian geese circling the water while making a great noise. Ducks dispersed as the 2 geese landed feet first into the water. The children watched this with interest as did the little dog. Peace came back to the water as ducks swam, and people watched. Such is a small piece of life.

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