I have always known God is. Beyond that I can’t say. I don’t really believe that God makes distinctions the way man does. I think we are built to categorize things, put things in their place. God’s place is in our hearts. I think though that sometimes man’s view of God in relationship to himself blinds him to the idea that the relationship doesn’t go beyond the self. I can’t give you my connection to God, you must create your own, at least that is my thought.

Faith, just believe, go one, just believe! Oh were it so easy. There are so many times we humans feel alone when we are not. Reach out, say something, but be kind in your desperation. (Drama queens tend to be dropped in time) I once wrote that life is a precarious adventure best enjoyed ….. um … I think for its unpredictability. When we allow things to be sometimes the best of things happen, and when we try too hard to control life, the worst of things happen.

So, I pontificate enough I think. What do you all think, feel, or have to say on the subject of faith?

3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. my opinion? I think the Allspirit is huge, all-encompassing, certainly much bigger than our human minds can comprehend. So we whittle down what is into some small part until we can comprehend, thinking it is all, but it is a microscopic piece. So given that I feel I can’t possibly understand the Allspirit, I have faith that the small part I might comprehend (if it’s not totally mistaken after all) is enough.

    To use an analogy, if the Allspirit were a 5,000 piece puzzle. We understand individually microscopic pieces of less than one piece. And if we put all our understandings together, we wouldn’t get the puzzle but partial bits of one or two pieces.

    Our minds, human minds, are so small but it is what we have, what we were given and it will just have to do. Our arrogance to think our minds are big and capable of understanding everything is an evolutionary necessity — if we understood how tiny we were, many people would despair and suicide would be endemic among good people. So our arrogance helps us evolve; we continue to try to understand, make discoveries, create new things, and our knowledge base grows. Hopefully it is enough; hopefully we don’t destroy ourselves and the world with it. I have faith we can do better and that we have been given the chance to do so. That’s my opinion.

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      1. was worried it was too long so am glad you liked parts of it. writing about/or replying to someone writing about faith/religion/spirituality makes me itchy because you never know if people will be open or get upset. wish it weren’t such a touchy subject for so many folks.

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