A snippet from a scene from the life of a modern-day classical pianist trying to make it in today’s world.


“I don’t want to be ‘on display’!” she made the gesture of quotes with both hands and yelled.

He responded calmly, “You won’t be, it’s …”

“Yes, I will be, like an animal in a Zoo, captured and put on display!” she yelled into his face 2 feet up.”

“You are a classical pianist, not a monkey, m’dear, and people love Macy’s, it will be good publicity” he answered her, like a parent to a child trying to get the child to do something they don’t want to do.

“Don’t patronize me, I’m not a kid anymore.” she replied, taking a long drag on her cigarette and then exhaling into his chest.

“Now, dear,” he said, pathetically.

“NO! I need my freedom, I need to be able to be me, not like Nina Simone who was trapped in her time. Today IS different, if not perfect. Fuck the publicity.”

“Come on, pumpkin.” he said trying to conjole her.

“NO! I am not an animal, I will not play the piano in a window on display for any price” and she walked away from him, leaving the room. He knew she would not and he would have to renege on the deal with Macy’s for the Christmas season. She would not be convinced of its brilliance for her career.

Moira Levant.COCOA2.com ©2017


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