Performers are sometimes so recognizable that they live in a kind of prison, almost like a zoo, viewed by spectators and gawked at like some specimen. I think we forget that they are human, and thus fallible. Many live horrible lives, some manage to rise above and live miraculous lives. One that was unhappy was Nina Simone, whose voice I first heard only about 4 years ago while I was learning about Janis Joplin. Both were amazing musicians, I wish they could have been more happy in their lives.

I saw live footage of Nina Simone playing and singing this, but I can’t find it now.



Here is Janis Joplin


There are some people who manage to live happier lives and still entertain people. Sammy Davis Jr. would be one. His impressions are amazing, as is his singing. But he lived a longer life. Here he is making jokes (that are sadly still relevent) and the singing impressions.


Often times those who are, as it were, on display seem to have a harder time living than those not. I can’t help but think it is somewhat like being in a zoo, but maybe I am wrong.





Here is Nina Simone singing and playing – Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair.

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