I come from a long line of short women, seriously that is true. I am I think particularly short at 4’7″. I used to be 4″7and3/4 inches, but lost some height. They seem never to tell you that when you are actually growing up. I kinda never grew up, why I am still a struggling musician at 50. My grandmother raised 2 kids after her husband died of liver cancer at a young age. She did that pretty much on her own. She did have some help from family and neighbors. Her grandfather had been a civil war soldier in the Ohio 12th Infantry. Below is a picture that come into my position. I know no one in it, but suspect that the boy in white is her grandfather. See the silhouette which has his name on the back. These would be c 1840, 1845. It’s circumstantial at best. The man in the top hat is also the man in the oval picture later in time (I think c 10 years). I’m not sure who that is, but I suspect it is my grandmother’s grandfather’s father. The boy in the oval picture is also unknown, but I suspect he is the youngest son.

And then I have him as an old man in his GAR uniform, and with HIS family, his wife and granddaughter anyway.

My mother with her grandmother and mother, then later her own family.

So we didn’t always get along with each other, but we managed to survive. Such is in a way my Inheritance. Yeah that’s me being held by mother.


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