When my puppies now nearly dogs come to me and show me affection, tis bliss to me. One of my dogs seemed afraid after I handled her maybe too hard. I needed to get her to the car (carry because she didn’t have her shots). She ran from me, shuck with fear. Sigh. I tried over time to sow her I wouldn’t be so rough, and in time she came closer. BUT she only seems to have forgiven me after we shared some mac n cheese. The others were outside running and mucking about. She and I sat on the bottom stair of the staircase inside. I offered her one small piece and she took it cautiously. I ate, then shared another with her, and through this simple act, we made friends.

Moral, don’t wait for people to call you, you call them up and make amends, my new friends even from old enemies. It could happen.



Puppies running, yes.

Puppies eating everything.

To see them happy.


Moira Levant / ©2017


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