I love Trains. I think I always have. I had a toy train set with an old fashioned engine that put out smoke (on purpose). I enjoyed setting it up and running it. When I was 8 my mother and I took a train up the coast of California to San Francisco. Recently I have taken trains across the country to both the east and west coast. The long 2 day journey I really enjoy. I get a sleeper car and that helps a lot. The rocking of the train helps me go to sleep. I also like seeing the country. But the devastation in Washington I find disturbing. Apparently corners were cut and some safety features (precautions maybe) were ignored or not used. 3 people are dead with many more in hospital. I pray no more will die, and that whatever needs to happen will happen quickly. I road that track the last time I took a train west, just 2 years ago. It wasn’t the fast train as that is new. The route is a beautiful one.


Moira Levant / COCOA2.com ©2017


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