Miracles don’t happen any more, do they. We are too logical to allow for miracles. Everything can be explained through reason, science, logic. That’s what my father thought. I’m much more open to the miraculous, to the infinite, to the energy of the universe and what seems unexplainable happenings.

Chi is a real power that some can channel. Actually with training and practice everyone can channel chi. I think we were capable of things in the past that today we would see as miraculous, that our ancestors would just see as normal. The true miraculousness of humans is our ability to adapt to our surroundings not by changing ourselves through evolution, but by changing our surroundings. We can live in deserts, we can live in Alaska, we can live in the tropics, and the not so tropic. There are few places on earth we cannot live. Antarctica might be one. BUT people do live there, scientists with the aid of supplies from elsewhere on earth.

So is our mind miraculous? Or is all life capable of this adaptability? The puppies who live with me, who are now mostly grown now, adapt. When confronted with stairs the smallest ones had to discover a way down once they got up. Being slightly to small to “run” down the stairs like their siblings, they had to try something else. What they chose was a kind of belly slide down to the next stair, and it worked for them! They used their minds, and their desire to get down the stairs to accomplish what was, in a way, a miraculous event. But did the puppies see it as miraculous??

I think life itself it miraculous, that we live and find ways to exist is miraculous. That goes for all life as far as I am concerned.


Moira Levant / COCOA2.com © December 21 2017

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