So I love Doctor Who. I grew up with Tom Baker’s with the scarf. My mother knitted me a Doctor Who scarf one Christmas. As I grew older I lost track and then was reintroduced by Derek Jacobi’s Master with David Tennant. Then I discovered the rest of the Doctors and I appreciate the show more now. I particularly like Doctor’s 1-5, 9-12. 13 will be interesting, we shall see.

I grew to really like William Hartnell’s Doctor and after seeing most of the available episodes, wanting more I wrote a fan novel detailing why I thought he was so protective of earth. I also really like Patrick Troughton’s Doctor as well as Jon Pertwee’s. As I grew up with Tom Baker, I do like his. Peter Davidson grew on me only recently. Here is an unrelated to the novel fan vid I did in 2013 to honor the 50th anniversary.



Moira Levant / © 2017


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