The yellow is hard to read – says “when the”


She sat alone in her room. No window, the TV was off, no music. She was lost in her swiss cheese mind, left in her own confused thoughts. At times her loved ones would come and try to draw her back for awhile, a son in a suit that spoke “rich” hard-working man, a daughter who missed her mother’s conversations, but no more were had. 

Her other loved ones, the four-legged ones were never brought, thought to be a hazard to her. The nurses and doctors meant well, but could not seem to understand the benefit they would bring. One day a four legged pup came, smuggled in by her grandchildren and her children. It was the time between Christmas and New Years and everyone was free to come, and so they did.

When the little fellow, a descendent of one of her own 4 legged dogs was revealed the woman come back to them. Sat upon her lap the pup somehow knew not to jump off, or jump up. The little one sat there and waited. The woman noticed him, and petted him, and even called him by name, Ralph, sweet Ralph. A lick or two, a wagging tail, and grandma was back even if only for that moment. 

The family had their special Christmas, the daughter had a conversation, the son was out of his suit and in comfortable clothing, and all the children got a present. 

As they left her and said goodbye they seemed to know this was the last time. She sat again alone, and not. At her feet the old Ralph sat, black and white, sweet-natured, he had come to her to lead her to her final place across the rainbow bridge. 

“Let’s go Ralph, I’m ready now.”

Since his death when she had been 10 years old he had guarded her as a spirit dog. Their connection had been that strong. Now the two of them got up as spirits and walked through the walls. They walked across the meadow, and over the mountains, through the deserts, and to the bridge.

Many animals had come to greet her, not merely the dogs she had lived with, but many more. It seemed extravagant to some, but there were about 1000 animals who greeted her now at the rainbow bridge.

There were some cats whom had lived with her when she was young. There were the ducks and geese who had known her at the pond near her house. There were also the many spiders that lived in her garden, and toads too, and fish that had been in her pond. Some birds flew above her making ribbons in the air, and she remembered how they delighted her, those starlings. Butterflies too flew around her in greeting her, and there was the Elephant she adopted in the zoo whom she visited every Sunday for 10 years, a rescue that animal had been. And others. But the most excited to see her were her pack, her dogs. All 40 of them from her childhood forward, so many dogs had loved her. The first of those was the noble Ralph who had come to her to walk with her to the bridge. 

As she came to them she greeted each and everyone as special, she said hello to all of them, and together the extravagant menagerie entered the new place of life, across the rainbow bridge to their heaven, where peace and love were restored. 


Moira Levant / COCOA2.com © December 29th 2017

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