The human gave out carrots to all 7 dogs, then picked up Lady Long Legs Linda and carried her to the car. This Lady Long Legs Linda did not like. She was left in the car and the human went back to the house. The last time this happened they all got shots from some strange lady who did give out wonderful cookies. Lady Long Legs Linda was apprehensive.

Little Guy also known as Midnight ran for his life hiding under the furniture. The human was angry now and all the dogs ran to hide. She got a leash and after handing out doggie cookies to everyone was able to grab Little Guy (Midnight) and put the blasted leash on him. She carried him to the car and put him in the back with Lady Long Legs Linda.

“What’s going on Lady Long Legs Linda?” Midnight’ asked his sister.

“I don’t know, I don’t like it.” she replied.

“It’s only the two of us. Ralph and Sammy are left behind.” whined Midnight. “I’m scared!”

“I know.” replied Lady Long Legs Linda sternly. “I’m angry.”

“I think I’m Allergic to car rides.” whined Midnight not feeling too well.

“Hold it together little brother.” said Lady Long Legs Linda, trying to be comforting.

The human drove the car, but it was a short ride, not like to the vets. She parked and carried Midnight into the warm wooden floored house. The family greeted him happily. The human mentioned carrots and one of the young humans ran to the kitchen and returned with some. Midnight took one excitedly and chomped.

“Carrots!! I love carrots.” he said wagging his tail.

The human went back for Lady Long Legs Linda who tried to get away, but it was a car. The human managed to get Lady and take her into the house. There was excitement, happiness in this house. Midnight ran on the wood floor, under the table, then to the living room to some pillows, then under the table, then back to the pillows. He exclaimed to Lady Long Legs Linda “I like this place! They have carrots, and bones!!”

“Yes”, chomped Lady, wagging her tail, “they seem nice.” she said watching. The lady human of the house petted Lady. It was nice.

Midnight liked the new humans and ran from one to the other. He wagged his tail, he chomped the little bone, he was happy.

The humans talked a little, and the one who brought them took some pictures with her phone, saw the two were happy, and then left.

That evening Midnight and Lady played with the humans, they ate, they went outside, and started their new life with a new family. Both were happily surprised and tails wagged, games were played, good sleep at night, and that IS a happy ending.




Moira Levant / © January 5th 2018

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