Oprah Winfrey spoke of hope in her speech last night at the Golden Globe awards. She spoke of truth as well and the struggle to uncover it. Here is my truth. I have been sheltered by a family that very much wanted and loved me. I was encouraged to explore my inner being from a young age. I have been privileged to be given that shelter and encouragement. As my family dwindled and that shelter stripped away I have been left to face to world without that family. That has been hard.

I have been approached by both men and women who wanted relationships with me I did not want. I have discovered that NO works, at least for me. BUT I was not working in a place where I had to work to feed my kids or to merely survive myself. I had freedoms others did not.

BUT – here is something important to me. While women have endured, so have men. I wish to be fair and say that people who are weaker physically often times are punished for being weaker, though often times it is those weaker people who are the creative thinkers who can see beyond the box. We need both the strong and weak at least I think we do. Let us remember that it is the power that is the problem more than the gender, that leaders who belittle anyone may well not be good leaders, and that all children should be given the power to say NO, as well as the love of a family (inner circle, or outward world) which shelters them long enough to know themselves and therefore their own truth.


Oprah Winfrey’s speech is well worth seeing and hearing repeatedly. I want more hope on the horizon.




Moira Levant / COCOA2.com © January 8th 2018


3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Thank you Moira for post that clip. I don’t ‘have’ a TV so that was wonderful that I could open up that and watch Oprah and hear those inspiring words. thank you ❤


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