Beyond the Horizon I see

hope in my mind’s eye


I see him arising, walking

steadfast and aligned true


Beyond the Horizon I see

grit with hope together


I see them together

enlightened and intwined


They are shining doing Tai Chi

now at the Horizen


And they are coming to me

joy filled hearts, like new born life


I push them away, anger filled

they sit with me anyway


Showing me the way

to find peace nearby


like a soft river over time

they teach me to be at peace now


even as others find ways

to make war


photo 1.JPG


Moira Levant //  © January 20th 2018


4 thoughts on “Beyond the Horizon

  1. I see two dirty old men, or dogs, walking from a distance, and not deserting me even though I am (certainly can be) difficult to be around. I might have to write a short story – or novel – about Grit and Hope.


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