I love genealogy and family history. Recently I came into lots of photos, some of the people in them I know at least who they are, and many I have no clue. So I scrounge around Ancestry.com looking at other sites who are doing similar family research to me, and came across this public photo with this description:

“4/26/2012 The photo at the top of this page is of a tintype recently discovered in Globe, Arizona. There seems to be a chance the two men depicted are Billy the Kid (standing) and Joe Antrim. Both exhibit characteristics known to belong to Billy and Joe, the evidence suggests it was taken in the appropriate time period, and it was discovered in a town/area both men were known to have spent some time. http://www.angelfire.com/mi2/billythekid/”



Here is the interesting to me thing. This picture was found along with my great great grandfathers stuff.


Sure looks similar to me. I thought they might be brothers, but I have no idea who they really are. Could they really be Billy the Kid and Joe Antrim?


Moira Levant January 23 2018


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