The cavity of life to me seems to be the lack of community. I’m not sure if it is simply being an adult, or modern times, but community seems sadly lacking these days. With so many young people, and older people, and much older people deciding to end their lives, or try to, I wonder if it is the lack of community?


We humans are social beings even as some of us are introverts, while others extroverts. I am an extrovert who has turned into an introvert because of my lack of employment, as well as just having fewer opportunities to socialize.


As I grow older I try to be more conscious of the needs and wants of others. I need to be able to provide for me what I can, and I can do more than I thought. All the same, being with people who want to be around me is something I can’t do alone.


Moira Levant / © January 30 2018

3 thoughts on “A bit of a ramble

  1. I think community is especially important for introverts actually. Being shy is less of a factor if you know everybody even if you are only close with one or two people in the group.

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