via Daily Prompt: Sympathize


So once I was roaming the wet lands while they were dry. There was no water there, none, not even a drop. I became stuck on a soft rock, it was so sticky! One of my legs was trapped. I was there for some days before the storm came and I was nearly washed away. Some water fell on the rock and I was soon free from it and ran home, well limped home because one of my legs hurt greatly, but I lived. It was weird as I felt some greater presence there. So glad to be alive!!




That was the bug’s version, a Cockroach in fact that lived in my home with likely many other cockroaches. I know I am supposed to kill them, and sometimes I do, but this time I couldn’t. So, one day I took a bath in my bathtub. I sat there in the warm soap filled water and saw this little creature stuck to a discarded band-aid. I thought at first it was just standing there, but soon I noticed that it was stuck. I picked it up, looked at the predicament, and decided pulling the bug away from the band-aid would hurt it. So I put it back on the side of the tub and sprinkled water as gently as I could and waited. I watched for several moments, maybe a minute, but nothing happened. I lay down in the water and a time later I saw the cockroach walking up the wall of the bathtub, free. I was glad for the bug and wondered if it would go back to its family and tell them a wild story adventure. Is that then empathy, or sympathy? OR simply a kindness toward a bug most kill??


Moira Levant / © Feb. 3rd 2018

2 thoughts on “A bug’s story

  1. Non-harming is better, a wonderful story, with such parallels to our own behaviour in other spheres of relational life, loved reading this.


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