via Daily Prompt: Permit


Permit, is that it?

Is there a permit for life?

Is there ever hope?


Summit Everest

See the world from the high point

become a hermit


Moira Levant / © Feb 5 2018

5 thoughts on “Permit

    1. too much alone time and I go a bit crazy. I am a social butterfly, but as I get older there are fewer opportunities to be social. Online social media can make that worse.

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      1. Yes, I’m also a social butterfly, as an extrovert i also get my energy from communicating and being with people, but I eventually crash. Yes, I go nuts if alone too long. Isolation as we age worries me a bit.


      2. Isolation also worries me, but not merely for myself but others as they age. Those who have family and friends do so much better than those left alone. BUT what can be done? That I have not been able to answer. I myself recharge when I can have interactions with people, but when forced it has an opposite effect making me just want to be alone. Not really a good thing. Thanks Rev. Paul –

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