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I love snow as long as I don’t have to drive in it. My dogs don’t mind it. The puppies love it, put their faces right into it and then ran about in it. Such is the new experience for young life, or at least this young life. The white one is my 12 year old foundling. She has been loyal, and kind as well as tough. When we simplify our lives and discover what is true for us, we make not only oirselves happier, but the people around us. Some in the world seem to want it more complex. But I think less is better. I have a friend who is doing away with all internet save email, and will be checking via phone their email only at specific short times during the day. They are brave. I like the internet, but it does take over my life sometimes, and I lived more than 1/2 my life without it. So, what shall I do? I’m not sure. But I feel that it is a time to find ways to simplify my life, and learn to have fun like my puppies.

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Moira Levant / Β© Feb. 9 2018

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