My mother used to say, “Birds in their nest agree.” Since c2010 the word compromise has been a dirty word or so it seems. If you compromise you are somehow bad, and if you stick to your pricipals you are good. Problem with this is that then nothing gets done!

A ‘good’ compromise is when everyone can find a way to be happy with the result. I have some friends who can never agree on where to go for dinner. A compromise for them was a food truck park, this is in Portland, Oregon, where everyone can get the kind of food they want and still eat together. That is a good compromise.


But think about this kind of compromise, a stop sign and a traffic light. We all agree to follow the known rules of the road and thus avoid some accidents by compromising, by agreeing to follow those rules.

So, is compromise a bad word?


Moira Levant / © Feb. 19 2018



One thought on “The Art of Getting Along

  1. Great, positive example to share. Had never heard the birds one – great saying. and yes, so annoyed with those who say compromise is bad.


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