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Morning came too soon again, well for her. It came as it always came, as the sun started to rise. Early spring and the birds were happily chirping their morning song. The dogs downstairs were chewing either their bones, or her stairs. The youngsters were teething now at 6 months. She was tired and rolled over wondering if she could steel a few more moments in bed. Sirens went off alerting the dogs who eruppted in near unison barking. No, no more time in bed.

She got up, got dressed, staggered downstairs to the happy faces of her 4 legged family. She let them out in the back and then put dog food in their dishes with some cooked rice and turkey on top. It was part of her normal chores, a constant reminder that she was alive and needed if only for this small task.

She opened the back door and the dogs came in excited. BREAKFAST!! She sat in her chair, a black and red custom for her made winsor chair. It was the most comfortable piece of furnature she had. The dogs ate quickly, and then did their dance checking everyone elses bowls. That was a constant part of their morning. She had left the back open since it was warm, and the youngsters ran outside, then inside, then outside. This was new, and fun!!

The older dogs gathered around their human and were only slightly annoyed at the youngsters. The human petted the old ones, mumbled something, got up and went back upstairs to write, which was a constant of her life, writing everything from long pontifications on humanity, haiku’s, poems, and short stories that didn’t go anywhere, like this little beauty.


Moira Levant / © Feb. 20 2018

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