I am really not conversant about PSP, but here are a few things I do know – starting with how Dudley Moore was before he surcombed to the disease.

I love Jazz. This is amazing to me as I don’t rememeber ever knowing how talented Dudley Moore was as a pianist, I knew him as a comedian. He died in 2002 from pnemonia brought on by “Progressive superanuclear palsy (PSP) a rare brain disorder that causes serious and permanent problems with control of gait and balance. The hallmark of PSP is a visual disturbance, which results from a progressive inability to coordinate eye movements. PSP is related to both Parkinson’s disease and FTD.”

(Yes I lifted that from: http://www.theaftd.org/understandingftd/disorders/psp)

PSP is an offshoot of parkinsons disease and is very difficult to diagnose. The deterioration of the body can be quick and relentless. Most people (I think still today) live c 7 years after getting the diangosis. Here is a glimps of the affects of the disease.

c 1997 or so – It is heartbreaking to see him talk about wanting to be able to play the piano, and jazz is a kind of music where you really have to connect with the other players in order to make the musc work. I think it is that connection he missed, maybe I am wrong.

Here is a lecture from 2015 about the research going on now.

We need more research into the brain and the diseases of the brain. Here is my plee, think about suporting research into brain disorders even though they might effect a small part of the population.

Moira Levant / COCOA2.com


5 thoughts on “The Brain and Disease

    1. You are welcome. I was just fliting around youtube and came across the Jazz video and then did some research on him. Sad story in a way, he was 66.


  1. Thank you for highlighting Dudley Moore’s challenges at this time of his life. I was diagnosed with Parkinsons’ disease which has many similarities and can empathize with Dudley through the transition of losing his abilities and gifts.


    1. Thank you for reading, and sorry to hear you face similar challenges. Moore’s particular condition is in the same family, but without the tremeors. He was accused by colleagues of being drunk, before he was diagnosed. He very much missed being able to play the piano, and boy could he play.


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