I have been watching a lot on youtube of Krishnamurti’s discussions. They are long and it takes patience on my part to let him get to his own point. I can’t help but wonder if this is the way Socratices taught, through questions, and probing meanings, trying to get US to think for ourselves. Yes, I have been hurt, by life, by other people, but truely mostly by my own actions within my own head, my thoughts about my inadequaces, my lack in whatever, how I should have dealt with a problem, all the senerios. I wanted to find a solution, but the truth is there is no solution to that that happened in the past. Living in the now is really important, and letting the now be is also important. BUT can we really live a life without hurt, as Krishnamurti suggests? Can we heal this world, and is that healing a way to deal with the rampant violence and mass shootings that exist in our world?? Minute 30 is really where the discussion on the nature of hurt begins, but it is worth it to hear the 30 minutes discussion before that.


3 thoughts on “The Nature of Hurt

      1. Did you watch the video?? It takes a long time for Krishnamurti to get to the point – and there is another hour discussion after this one of Love, pleasure, etc.


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