I have been watching the movie Lincoln on Netflix. I saw it this past fall for the first time and now I can look over and over it. It acting is amazing, as is the story of the 13th ammendment. I have also been looking over old newspapers at trying to figure out what was really thought of the ammendment. We today seem to have forgotten somehow, or at least I have, and maybe my race. I can’t help but think in some way though that we are still enslaved in my country, not the same way though.

We work, we pay for various things, we get into debt, we work harder, we get sick, we get further into debt, and then can not enjoy the things we paid for, but work even harder. Is this not a form of slavery?

I have chosen my own path most of my life. I don’t earn too much money, and the fear of not having enough to pay my bills scares me, but I find I am happy when I can account for what I have rather than what I do not have.

I think, therefore I am free? Is this a true statement? Freedom demands that we make choices, and live with the consequences thereof. There is the stinger!! Sometimes the consequenses aren’t in our favor, and then we feel what, unhappy? I believe that true freedom comes when we think for ourselves, when we gain information and then chose a path. (it is best when the information is reliable by the way, not so easy these days) It may not be the path others want for us, but there is, at least for me, a pride when I make my own decision, a freedom.

I also believe than some people don’t want that kind of responsibility, that they would rather follow a leader and let them make decisions for them. Maybe this is normal.

Such decisions are always messy regardless who makes them, and so I believe that freedom comes with messy, that we might well have to deal with a bad decision, that mistakes will happen. But is it worth the messy to be free? I don’t want some person telling me what to believe, what I can and can not eat, where to live, how much money I have to earn to be what, happy…………………… BUT I have to be willing to deal with the fallout, good or bad, in order to be free. I might loose my teeth, get sick with cancer, or live too long?? Who knows??


Moira Levant / © March 3th 2018

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