Suddenly there was a banging on the front door. What could that be she wandered as she came down the stairs, dogs going off like the good alarm they were. She grabbed a leash in case she wanted to take a dog out with her. It was dark, c 9:00pm. Cautiously she opened the door. Two police officers stood looking menacing standing on her front door in the darkness. One was a female African-American, the other a white cop. She came out with no dog worried that the cops had come to complain to her about her animals.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Yes, maim, do you own a black 2007 or 2008 Malibu?” the policeman asked.

“Um, yes.” she answered.

“Is it parked in back?” he asked.

“Yes, I always park in back.” she replied.

“Did you loose a plate, a front plate?”

“Yes, did you find it?” she asked them, now excited.

“Yes, we did.” he said.

“Where?? I thought it was gone for good, it must have fallen off.” she answered

“On a car about two blocks away. You think they might have found it then?” he asked.

“Yeah, I assumed it had fallen off, the wires I used had broken.”

“Okay maim. We will go get it.” He said leaving the front porch.

She watched the two police go down and saw the car they took the plate from. It was also black as far as she could tell, maybe a Malibu. She then realized that the other people in the other car might be in trouble. She hoped it wouldn’t be too bad for them. The police came back with the plate and she walked into her house showing the dogs her returned plate. They sniffed it with interest and she put it by the door so she would take it out to her car the next morning. It was hers, FDLRBL1 was the number. Fiddler Blackthorn and Laurel 1 – as there was only one of her.


Moira Levant / March 10 2018

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