Blush but don’t rush

be alive, breath, don not crush

brush your long red hair




Smile, don’t blush, or crush

you did not die on that day

pheonix can not rise



I feel dead, crushed, why?

My passion is not music

I am music, but


I can’t make money

failure everywhere, and

no blushing bride me


angry old fool, yeah

that’s me, the ignored, cornered



So I am angry and I do vibrate negativity and repell people I care about. Have been very upset as I just can’t make enough money to pay my bills. Who and what I am the world rejects. And so, feeling alone and hurt I sat on my kitchen floor, something I don’t usually do, and Sammy (one of the pups) came over and sat on my lap. He’s a strong dense dog and I put my arms around him. Dogs hate that by the way. Anyway, I then let go expecting him to trot off my lap and go do doggy things, but he didn’t. He turned his head and kissed my face, and I put my arms around him again. I think in many ways dogs are a lot smarter than we humans. His brother Ralph (whom I might rename Abraham) sat behind me, under that chair he loves. He’s taller than Sammy, and fluffier.


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