The finch had been searching for breakfast when some strange force took hold of it. It tried to fly away, but was unable. A loud sound are ficious dogs was heard. the finch tried to fly away, but could not. A monster came to it, and started doing some strange magic, and gained hold in its huge hand of the innocent finch. It was resigned, their short life would end. The monster sounded it’s firce and loud voice. Then the finch was free, and fly they did, away far and to safety!


She was in her kitchen doing dishes when the dogs sounded the alarm. Something was on the front porch. She dried her hands and opened the inner door to look out the screen door window. No one was there. She poked her head out and saw a small bird struggling. She thought the bird was injured, but all that had happened was they were caught by some string. She picked the string up and managed to get the bird into her hand The string was around one of the feet, ankle of the bird. Slowly she untangled the bird’s foot, and tried to speak in a calm voice. Suddenly they flew away, free.

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