Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who’s father changed his name to Martin Luther (and his son to Martin Luther from Michael) after the German revolutionary monk, was indeed a great American leader for the rights of the people. Both men, well all three, worked to make this world a better place, not to make it “good”, just better, and for all people. Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech includes all races – that is the way I see it. BUT what the German and the Black did most in making this world a better place, was churn the complacency of society. They changed society, and I believe for the better. What dreams do you have? How can we together make the world a safer and happier place for all people? Is that possible? Can we change hatred and prejudice? Can we learn to live together, rather than die together?? Can we learn to have agape love for all life on this planet?? My positive dream is of a world at peace with itself (a little too polyanna), my nightmare is of war and destruction, pain and suffering for all life on this planet.

Below is a link to another speech made by Martin Luther King Jr, this at Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio. I heard about it this morning on On Point, a show I listen to most mornings.


Moira Levant April 4th 2018


3 thoughts on “Dreams or Nightmares

    1. you are very welcome, Paul. The speech is long, but on point. I can hear the preacher coming out a bit. I like how he quotes John Donne, as well as the bible. I want to belong to MLK’s malajusted society – “the international associated for the advancement of creative malajustement” and make this world a better place somehow. I just don’t know how, partly through this blog.

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