Thwart, stop and move on

evil once are now heros

Freedom, Ireland


Easter 1916 the revolution began with the reading of a proclomation, that Ireland have self rule. A month later many of the leaders were dead by firing sqaud. In 1976 the Garden of Remebrance was created, and the dead leaders and their dream were remembered.


Poem on the wall by Liam Mac Uistin

Original Irish Version

Rinneadh Aisling Duinn

i ndorchacht an eadochais rinneadh aisling duinn.

lasamar solas an dochais.

agus nior muchadh e.

a bhfasach an lagmhisnigh rinneadh aisling duinn.

chuireamar crann na crogachta.

agus thainig blath air.

i ngeimhreadh na daoirse rinneadh aisling duinn.

mheileamar sneachta na taimhe.

agus rith abhainn na hathbheochana as.

chuireamar ar n-aisling ag snamh mar eala ar an abhainn.

rinneadh firinne den aisling.

rinneadh samhradh den gheimhreadh.

rinneadh saoirse den daoirse.

agus d’fhagamar agaibhse mar oidhreacht i.

a ghlunta na saoirse cuimhnigi orainne,

glunta na haislinge…


English Version

We had a Vision

in the darkness of despair we saw a vision.

we lit the light of hope.

and it was not extinguished.

in the desert of discouragement we saw a vision.

we planted the tree of valour.

and it blossomed.

in the winter of bondage we saw a vision.

we melted the snow of lethargy.

and the river of resurrection flowed from it.

we sent our vision aswim like a swan on the river.

the vision became a reality.

winter became summer.

bondage became freedom.

and this we left to you as our inheritance.

o generations of freedom remember us,

the generations of the vision…

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