This is what I watched this morning before I rose out of my bed to feed my dogs. This which inspires me, and yet I know I can not write as well as she, yet I will try.


As the sun peeks up at the horizen, my being begins to stur, and I wake to a new morning. It has been this way for 51 plus years. There is no abruptness here.


As I usualy do I get up, relieve myself, and my dogs bark form down below good morning. It seems like 51 years, but that is not true. Still no abruptness.


As I sit back down upon my bed and check email, wordpress, and facebook, my dogs resign themselves to waiting for me to decend. That is what they know.


Finally I dress and decend. Gleefully they sing their morning song, tails wagging, and out they go. Abruptly a cat tried to escape a bad fate.


My elder dog with old eyes, old teeth, and old body is rejuvenated and into action she goes, a killing on her mind. The puppies watch, interested.


I am agast, but isn’t that nature? I wish I could write that the cat rose above the fence and to freedom, but really I don’t know.


Well fed dogs still yearn for the chase, and the kill. Isn’t that normal for them? Isn’t that nature?

And still I rise, and try to make a less killing world. But even vegitarians live on the death of life, the life of fruits and vegitables. Do they cry out when we eat them, but we can not hear??

And still I rise to greet the day, new warmth, the sun, and plants budding and blomming fresh and new, this spring has erupted so abruptly.




Moira Levant © May 1 2018

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