too early, or not

I came at my choosing, yes!

Nails, hair, and strong lungs!


Moira Levant © May 18 2018


I was 3 pounds 5 ounces at birth. 15 inches long but with powerful lungs. The nurses and doctors were actually glad I could cry. I needed to be 5 pounds to go home though. AND, at first the doctors assumed I could not suck, many premee’s can’t. They put my arms in splints to keep me from pulling the feeding tube out of my nose. It didn’t work. I got out of the splints and pulled it out. Then they discovered that I could suck!

It took me 21 days to get to 5 pounds, and then home. Like a queen I road on a pillow in the backseat of the car, guarded by my brother nearly 11 years older than me. It was in the era before all the saftey car seats for babies. I was wanted, loved, educated, and taunted. My brother teased me and I hated it, but as a result I wasn’t bullied in school, the kids teasing had little to no affect on me.

It is actually hard now as they are all gone and I live alone, with 5 dogs, in the house we all shared.


6 thoughts on “too early

    1. Your piece is at the bottom of the article I wrote, and just before all of the “Like Buttons.” Immediately below “Other Blogs from Other Bloggers.” The link is entitled “Premature.” When a person clicks the link it connects to this article of yours. I am open to spirituality that enriches our life internally and for all the world.


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