So I am a 51 year old female. I get things done, I make things happen, I am a “go getter” and you know what, it isn’t working for me. For years I have been beating the bushes, at it were, looking for opportunities and likely scaring them away with all that noise.

Recently I have been listening to various talks online, being basically without work gives me the time, to different people talking about life. Krishnamuti, Thich Nhat Hahn, Sadguru are among those people. I posted recently a long talk Sandguru gave, so he is most recent for me. He said something about meditation being a state of alertness to life, to seeing and therefore experiencing what is going on, and what would be going on even if you are not aware of it.

I am an avid baseball fan. I love sitting there eating my brat, drinking my beer, and yelling at the ball (ball more than the players). I go to c 10 games a summer of the Dayton Dragons and every game they catapult free t-shirts into the crowd. Every time I stand up with everyone else and wave my arms and never get a shirt.

Well, yesterday I sat in my chair and watched as the team shooting free shirts into the crowd came closer and closer to me. I stayed seated, watched the catapult, and the t-shirt came right to me. I put my hand up and tried to catch it, but it was bigger than I thought it would be, and bounced off my hand into the waiting hands of a young man near me, aged c 20. He asked me if I wanted it, I said yes, and he handed the shirt back to me saying that I should have it. Without trying hard something I wanted literally fell right to me. I did put a little effort in though, I did put my hand up, and did ask for it.

So I am going to try this. Instead of working so hard to make things happen, I am going to put my wishes out into the Universe as positive as I can, and be attentive to life. This doesn’t mean I will put no effort into my life, I will continue to look for work, and to put my resume out, and so on, but at the same time I am going to try sitting back and seeing what comes to me, what falls into my lap.

Moira Levant © May 31 2018

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