NOTORIOUS word of the day


To be known by many for having some connection to something bad. We remember Lizzy Borden, but do we remember her parents. We remember Jeffery Dahlmer, but do we remember his victims or that he changed in prison (became a baptised christian, and the minister who baptised Dahlmer lost 1/2 his congregation. The macabre, the dark side of humanity fascinates us. Why? Villans are always more fun to play that heroes. Why, villans have more color.

Star Trek’s episode “The Enemy Within” looks at the two sides, and makes an interesting conclusion. That we need that darker side to exist. Could this be true – but don’t we also need the light?

It is so easy to classify people as “good” and “evil”. ‘My goals, my needs are good are you in my way are evil for stopping me.’ Isn’t that what the world is in now? A Me good You bad mindset?

I saw the documentary “Pope Francis, a man of his word” and he encourages all of us to listen more to each other, to build bridges to the other, to find the humanity in all humanity. This I like. It’s hard though, because (well as least me) I want my voice heard. I don’t want to listen to you! — that’s a bad attitude. If all I do is talk I never learn.

So, make this a day of listening, and see if any bridges can be built – between fathers and sons (sons and fathers), mothers and daughters, etc . . . . friends, lovers, enemies. Can we find common ground and become together a more listening world and thus more peaceful?


Moira Levant © June 27 2018



4 thoughts on “Enemies

  1. Lizzie Borden is my second cousin twice removed….she’s in my family tree. It may not be the best claim to fame, but I always feel a kinship with her when she comes up. I have no more information to her story than anyone else, but I like to believe that she didn’t really do it.
    Great post and I agree totally that we should move towards peaceful, loving relationships with all those we can.

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