Enticing – Word of the Day

Oh that itch, that bitch

Yellin n Bellowin, sellin a notion

I have a right! So enticing!


Hurtin is certain, no one is safe

when I be a yellin n a bellowin

I have a right is enticing.


People scattered, no one comes near

stayin awayin cause I aint got no right


Sittin lone, she comes tail wagging

approachin with a notion

Enticing peace, calm, love


Changin the ragein

no yellin nor bellowin

Enticing peace, calm and love

as is rights be, to everyone.


Moira Levant © July 18 2018




4 thoughts on “A Yellin n Bellowin

      1. I thought I had responded to this already. Thanks for reading. Twain could really write, and if you understand Jim in the books, it’s the first time in a book written by a caucasian that an African slave had a soul, was “real”.

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