Mirth – Word of the Day

My loneliness has taken my mirth away.

Lonliness is a fact of adult life so I am told. I am an adult, but I do believe that we are not supose to feel loneliness as strong as we apparently do in this modern age. Maybe I a wrong, but people need to be around people. But recently I heard SadhGuru talk about loneliness, and what he said shocked me a little, but it makes sence. “You are lonely, you are in bad company.” meaning I think that we have to like ourselves to not feel loneliness. Could it be that all the competition, and the striving, all the “you have to be the best” has made us hate ourselves for not being “the best”? Shouldn’t we stive to make ourselves better rather than be better than everyone else?

Moira Levant © July 20 2018

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