Striving – Word of the Day

Okay weirdly into my mind come Les Mes “One Day More” which isn’t “One More Step”, but is similar. I strive every day to be more me, more like the kind of person I want to be, and walk that line of expectation and acceptance for lacking in some way. I’m never going to live up to my own expectation, but I can still strive toward that ideal. As I get older I find myself revisiting my childhood, the place where I was me at least in my own mind. I think it is the fear of loosing a friend because I say the wrong thing (or do the wrong thing) yet being me. (Were they a real friend is then the question?) being yourself as an adult is no easy feat, and for many even as they are children. I had it easy as a kid, my family loved me truly as I was, and isn’t that what we should do? Strive to love each other as we are? I say, let us strive to listen more deeply for understanding, to strive to not feel threatened when someone else has a differing opinion (or different view of a problem/issue), let us strive to overcome, to be the phoenix rising from the ruble (see video)

Does the stream in its bed strive to be a stream, or just be? Does a dog strive to be the dog? With 5 in my pack the youngsters often strive to hoard the bones I hand out……. Does a tree strive to be the tallest thus getting the most sunlight (of the other trees in the forest)? Is it possible that just being is enough??

Only a few questions. Here is my favorite version of One Day More – people striving merely to live another day after nature has been itself.

Moira Levant July 21 2018

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