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Your not human, no

you drunk lower class nothing

God sees all the same


Hillsborough Disaster

I do this thing where I watch about disasters, why I am not sure, a strange facination. Here is one I never knew about until today, a crowd crush in England at a soccor (football) match in which over 90 people died. Below is an excellant documentary. BUT this is what I have taken away.


Police were keeping opposing fans away from each other. There was one side for one set, and another for the other (duh). But one side had more fans, and as the fans (who had tickets mind you) walked into the “standing” part, the people at the front had no where to go, there were 6 foot or so fences. In the aftermath some of the police said the fans did it to themselves being drunk and disorderly. For 25 years those in powerful places kept to that story saying those who died were criminals. Then there was a lengthy inquest, and the truth was brought out.


A human being is a human being is a human being. Good, bad, legal, criminal, we are still human and when in trouble do we not all deserve help? When we forget to help those whom we see somehow as lesser (because they are what, drunk, disorderly, rude to us, beligerant, etc,) they are still human and how we treat them is a mark on us, not them. Ehem, we should also help those who are on the other side of the coin, when they need help. Most of those who died that day could have been saved (so some say in the documentary) had they recieved basic medical emergency care.


There were those who helped those who were in need that day. Some fans in the upper part of the stadium pulled some in the lower crushed part up to them. Others helped on the field as the structure gave way and injured were able to be helped. But there was such confusion, no orderlyness to the ambulances that were able to come, and thus many died. So many were pinned, unable to move, it was hopeless. One reason I dislike crowds.



4 thoughts on “Anti-human

  1. I remember this one well, I have seen English soccer crowds so was appalled but not overly surprised … too sad, it should never have happened and as usual the authorities blamed others rather than accept responsibility!


  2. I had friends there, it was nasty. The greater part of the disaster were the government lies and innaction, and the FAs denials. Awful for the families, then finally, some sense of acknowledgement, though some people had since died. Great refelction Moira.


    1. Thanks Paul – I have seen a bit more and apparently there was a great lack of policing inside the stadium. The crowd outside had surged and was dangerous, to aliviate that a back gate was opened, but the middle gate door should have been closed (entrance to the already packed pens). With no way to spread out because of fencing 10 feet tall, the people at the front were crushed. I think the people in the back didnt know until it was too late that there was such a crush up front. AND who creates such a stadium with fenced in pens like that? Sigh. 96 maybe 97 people died, not all that day. One lived 3 years and another some time and then died. And yes, the denial and vilification of the Liverpool people as being the cause because they “didn’t have tickets” – ugh. What I can’t quite understand is why people in the back didn’t leave they way the came, unless they couldn’t because that way was blocked due to so many people.

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