Unrequited – Word of the Day


not unrequited

rather very much loved, yes

by dogs and mankind



Sashka as a pup with Sumo. She grew to be as big as him.


In the very early summer of 2006 a foundling pup was placed in my pack by my nephew and a friend. She was a Husky something, cute as a button, strong, lively. By late July she came down with the parvo virus which is just one nasty disease. She had had 1/2 her puppies shots. After a week at the vet she came home. She had survived and has lived with me ever since. She and Sumo were buddies until he died several years ago, and now she and Subite (who is a nephew to Sumo) are buddies. Subite misses her.

She has had a happy life up until now. She has a bad infection, likely in her never used uterus, and something with her pancreas. Tomorrow she will have surgery and we shall see, could go either way. Now, at 12 years old she is old, but I saw lfe yet in her. I have had to put down 7 dogs. Usually they will tell you what they want if you listen well enough.

Up to two days ago she was nipping at the puppies and being a pretty normal old lady dog.  If she ever had unrequited love I don’t know about it (duh). She and Sumo would have had puppies, but he had been “fixed” already. She and Subite should have had puppies but I think she was too strong for little Subite.

She always guards me, sitting on my foot and looking away out into the world. She loves to run, some really is good at killing squirrels, and has tried to kill raccoons and cats. She hates cats. And yet for all the violence, I love this dog. Tisn’t unrequited, that make it requited!


I stopped at the Ghostlight today and bought a large latte as comfort food. Lovely place, atmosphere, and so on.




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