Placate – Word of the Day


Placate your feelings

breath, in, out, in out, feel life

be in the now, now.


It occures to me that if we all lived more in the now we’d see disaster, maybe, before if becomes disaster and thus avoid it. The people at Hillsborough soccer field didn’t know until it was too late. By the time they entered the pens, those who were rushing in to catch the begining of the game, i was too late to leave. Many of them talk about being pinned and unable to move. One of my questions now is how long it took to get the 3000 people out of pens 3 and 4. had they been more aware, would things have been different? I’m not sure about that, because the tunnel was dark and the crowd huge. To see the crowd outside the field, it was like an ocean of people with a mind of it’s own. Leathy too.


Moira Levant © July 27th 2018

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