Rectitude – Word of the Day


When I was young I knew

I saw black and white

clearly defined

but then I grew

morphed, changed into

what I am now

sniviling little creature

scared of life

and black n white

are now intermixed grey

an aging creature

worn, changed, sculpted by time

into what?

my lack of rectitude

of my childlike moral compass

old grey has taken over

my clear vision

am I then better then when I was young

and sure of myself?


Moira Levant August 28 2018

3 thoughts on “How can I loose my sight?

  1. Good question. I’m remined of that line in a Byrds song My Back Pages, “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now” that perhaps it’s perspective and letting go?

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    1. I will have to relisten to the song. I think often children see the world more clearly for what it is than adults merely because they are children and don’t have the perspective of time. Letting go of what you can not change, whether in the past, or present, I think is key to being able to live happy in this life – which seemed to me mared by time.

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