I set this poem my father wrote in 2004. I then did a reset using old phone messages I had gotten from my uncle (my father’s brother-in-law). Below is the poem. Above it the video.










Old Man Dreaming on

The benefit of all this time

Is deep knowledge, deep experiance,

which presents but does not solve

The grim puzzles. I have become


Astute, I can predict a rise

Or a fall, I have no use for chance,

Though I can cheerfully evolve

From worse to better, no matter

The objective fudge. I control

Former as strickly as latter.


Therefore, I thrive on puzzles,

console Fellow sojourners,

make them friends.

Together we are simply wise,

Beyond puzzles, and so, in trust,

In this seesaw world, sustained as friends,

Together we avoid stupid Catastrophic,

blind paradox, Hopeless error,

loss of nested Money, loss of first love,

of all Humane instinct.

We survive hard knocks,

And rise to heaven, soul on soul.

Howard Levant 2004



Moira Levant © October 14 2018

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