home is where the heart is

good childhoods have safe homes

like crossing home plate

i love baseball!


do good childhoods lead anywhere

adulthoods longing for safety

no safe harbor, even in a storm

sometimes the heart has no home


we seek for belonging

longing to find that place

where comradery lives

and where the heart feels safe


but life is, by its nature unsafe

to live we must therefore be uneasy

to grow we must feel pain

is that then heart’s home?


Moira Levant © Dec. 2 2018

Thank You Paul Vincent Cannon

One thought on “Heart and Home

  1. After staying up most of the night trying to calm my daughter down and then reading your poem I thought you hit the button. I also believe change is always happening. So if the heart is stuck for a while it can also find a better resting space. It seems a lot of people seem to get it right most of the time whereas some of us have to work at it .


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