Is there room in Heaven for both?

One of my heros is Father Mychal Judge, a Franciscan priest in New York who minestered to the young men of Manhattan during the Aides crisis in the 1980’s. He died at the twin towers just after the planes ran into the buildings. He was giving last rites to those who were dying, or already dead.


One of the people I do not see as a hero is Jeffrey Dahlmer, who killed so many young men, why I am not sure. But later Dahlmer converted to Christianity, and repented his wrong doings.


Both loved by God, of that I am sure, and when Dahlmer asked to be baptised, wasn’t it good there was a pastor who did baptise him. Is there room for both in heaven? Is one better than the other? Is this, in a way, what is meant by “Judge not less ye be judged?”


An article about remembering Father Judge


An article about Jeffrey Dahlmer and the man who baptised him. 


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