I just saw the documentary on Harold Fredrick Shipman. He became a doctor in England in the 70’s and 80’s and murdered somewhere around 250 people. He was convicted in a court of law of killing 15 women. He at one point was the GP for upwards of 4000 patients. He killed himself in jail. He never admited that he killed, in fact he denied it. Here are a few things –

  1. His mother had had cancer when he was a teenager and had a nurse come to the home to give her morophine to dull the pain. She died when he was still fairly young
  2. His MO was to give his patients a fatal dose of morophine.
  3. if he had 4000 patients, 250 deaths are 1/16th of his patients. What about all the other people he treated as a doctor?

Morbid in a way, but I can’t help but wonder if he was a “good” doctor to some of his patients, and if his killing was meant, from his warped mind, as mercy killings (even though many of the elderly women he killed were not otherwise sick or dying). I wonder if his perception could have been that? It is certainly denial of the reality of the lives of these mostly women who became his victims.

I also watched a Ted Talk on phycosis called Psychosis: Bending Reality. Very interesting talk and here it is.

and there are my thoughts for today.

Moira Levant © Feb. 7th 2019

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