This 2018 short film has been nominated for an oscar for best short film. It is I believe 1/2 hour long and deals with the interviews of Jon Venables, age 10 and Robert Thompson also age 10, in connection with the murder of James Bulger age 2. It is discovered that the two 10 year old’s killed the 2 year old over a fairly long period of time, brutally. From what I understand it is a difficult 1/2 hour, but I believe the director, writer, producer Vincent Lamba is trying to understand the humanity (or lack thereof) of the two 10 year olds in order to stop other such crimes from happening. I want to see the film, for the same reason. What is hard to understand in a way is how the older boys had so little empathy for the toddler. I wonder if such brutality would serve a tribe in surviving??

Some documentary on the brain that I saw, I can now remember the name, shows how people who lack such empathy have brains that work differently from normal, or more empathetic brains. That in a way these people are stuck with brians that don’t work, can’t “feel”. BUT… some who meditate have larger frontal lobes in the brains, and it is suposed that meditation can heal, or change the brain?

Could Descartes be more right than we think, that I think, therefore I am? (or rather a better translation, I doubt therefore I am) Could the way we use our brains, or not, have such an impact? Do we have more control over our thoughts than we think (HA!). Can we change if we try, or do we just change without effort. I believe we can change. BUT, one must want to change.

Thing is other such crimes have happened, one was novelized in the book Conpultion about Leopold and Lobe who decided to commit the perfect crime, but it was far from perfect. They murdered a younger than them boy, aged 14 (I think they were 17 and 18), and gave his parents a ransom note, but were eventually caught.

There was also the murder of Derrick Robie by Eric Smith, 13 in 1993. I know litttle more about this case other than it happened and I believe Eric Smith is still locked up for the crime.

Why do such young people choose to kill much younger people? Is it merely the sin of this world, can we push it off that way? Doesn’t this violence push toward the thought that the young need more teaching about empathy, and kindness toward all people (and the earth in general)?

Rant over –

Moira Levant © Feb. 16 2019

3 thoughts on “Detainment Movie

  1. Good rant. Yes the Bulger case was reported widely here. We’ve had a couple of high profile cases locally that fit this scenario, I find killing disturbing, but more so when it is young killing young – 10!! There was a story recently about the two because they were released some time back and the media have been trying to track them. Maybe it’s (sadly) “I kill, therefore I am.” I hope not.

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    1. They were both let out c 2000. One has turned into a repeat offender, though not murder, but child pornography. I wonder if meditation could help such people?

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      1. Yes, I wonder, so little research has been done on that aspect. Howard Zinn at MIT has been generating a lot research but nothing conclusive.

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