Compromise. So if the violins in an orchestra decided that an A 338 was the correct A (less high strung), but the cellos decided that 444 was correct (sharper sound), and the violas (middle sounding instruments that they are) decided to stay with a 440, playing in tune together would be a difficulty. Somehow the strings would need to, get this, compromise and decide on one A to be the tuning note if they all wanted to play together. If one violin felt very strongly that 338 was the only way to tune, and a cello decided it had to be a 444, and everyone else decided to go with the violas and tune to a 440 A, the two dissenters would either need to bend, or not participate. That to me is compromise, or better put, working together for a greater whole.

Moira Levant © April 18 2019


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